Noble Ion Technology

Revolutionary eco-friendly technology that’s safe for the family.

Noble Ion™ Technology is one of the biggest innovations ever in the automotive appearance protection space. This revolutionary innovation is featured in our exclusive Organic Odor Eliminator, a cutting-edge product which instantly renders organic odors powerless. Unlike the products that mask odors with fragrances or use enzymes to temporarily reduce odors, AutoBodyGuard Organic Odor Eliminator uses revolutionary Noble Ion Technology to break down the chemical bonds of the organic odor at the source, removing them forever.

How it Works

Positive Defeats Negative

Noble Ion Technology enables Organic Odor Eliminator to completely destroy odors – not simply cover them up so they can come back again. Organic odors are smells caused by people, plants and pets. By addressing the negative ions in the organic material, odors are eliminated by first affecting the odor causing bacteria, second eliminating the off-gas molecules and finally ending the cycle of off-gas build-up.

Why We Use It

Safe for the Earth, Safe for Your Kids

Powered by Noble Ion Technology, our Organic Odor Eliminator is a completely eco-friendly product that’s safe for kids and pets. The formulation is free of many of the harmful, abrasive aspects that many odor control products are filled with.

  • NO Enzymes
  • NO Masking
  • NO Encapsulation
  • NO Fragrance
  • NO Allergens


Good Chemistry for Bad Odors

Whether it’s a short trip into the office or a cross-country family excursion, time in your vehicle can get messy in a flash. Hitting a bump while taking a sip of hot coffee, the kids’ half-eaten, hidden candy bar melting in the back or your dog getting sick on the way to the park are a few key examples of why you need Organic Odor Eliminator.

  • Spilled juice and coffee
  • Pet urine
  • Food smells
  • Vomit